No Ordinary Life

We hate ordinary. It makes us feel inferior. Overlooked. Marginalized.

We want a Disney life, full of adventure, color and song.

Except life is generally filled with more ordinariness than glamour. Things don’t always go the way we want them to. People disappoint us. We live with failure, ours and others. Work is difficult. People are hard to love. And our dreams are crushed before lift off.

If this is you, join the human race.

Life this side of heaven is not meant to fulfill us. Our longings are made for another realm. It’s only when Christ returns and ushers in the new heavens and the new earth will we live to the fullest. Then we will finally have our best life. Until then, we stay the course of patient endurance, loving God and loving our neighbor. If that looks ordinary, it’s not. We’re about kingdom business in disguised clothes.

Talk to me.

2 thoughts on “No Ordinary Life

  1. Certainly our lives appear ordinary most days. This is where our trust in Father is met in learning to love Him as we love others. Trust is a big part of that love. Father supplies all our needs, Father knows what it will take and how to get us looking more like Jesus, Father knows how fragile we all are since He made us…the list continues… Some days are extraordinary and that is a rare find to keep in mind as we look forward to that becoming our ordinary in the new heavens and new earth.

    When all is said and done, our identity as the Creator’s own adopted children — which is mind-blowing — gives us our purpose and significance in His sight. It’s all about His love towards us and it overflowing through us to others. Amazing! So contrary to normal human behavior! We are much more in Christ! And for those of us who have accepted His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, this is our “ordinary” life.

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