Pushing Forward

I don’t know about you, but have you noticed the flurry of bad news around Christmas? I’ve seen that pattern over the years too many times. Perhaps it’s because our senses are hightened to the holiday season, our expectations run high, and we hope that maybe this year we’ll experience some satisfaction and love.

We keep doing this. We don’t learn from the previous year.

Nothing and no one in this life can deliver what our hearts long for.

We only find fulfillment in Christ. He’s what we need every moment of every day.

So why do we keep hoping for what doesn’t deliver? Even good things don’t deliver. Once the experience is over, we revert back to feeling empty.

It’s habit, it’s lack of memory, and most of all, it’s sin. We’re wired that way. And that tendency will not leave us until we depart this earth and inhabit our new bodies in the new heavens and new earth. That’s when real life begins.

In the meantime, we must be watchful to expect too much from ourselves and others. We must remind ourselves and our fellow believers whose we are, who we are in him, and urge each other to keep our focus on him.

Talk to me.

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