Was There Any Jesus in Church?

If a Jewish rabbi could have preached the sermon you heard this past Sunday, you didn’t hear from God.

A biblical sermon is always about Christ and the gospel. It’s not about world affairs, personal stories, the latest movie, a list of helps, or a feel-good message.

It’s not, “Do this and live.”

“I don’t know about you, but if a person’s understanding of the gospel isn’t scandalous to my natural way of thinking, if it doesn’t call into question everything I think I know, if it doesn’t subvert the wisdom of this age, then when you preach it I can barely muster the energy to yawn.” — Jason Stellman

As Jesus said in Luke 24 to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, the entire Old Testament is about him. The entire New Testament is about him. That means the entire bible points to him. He’s the protagonist of the story.

So not everything you hear in church in kosher.

Listen well.

6 thoughts on “Was There Any Jesus in Church?

  1. I have spent the last 41/2 months trying to understand what is being preached here in Bangalore. I know the old testament points to Jesus and I know the new testament points to Jesus….but I’m pretty certain that Ruth did not know that and was not seeking out Boaz. I heard a message last weekend which made me feel as if I was taking crazy pills. I heard the bible being quotes with scripture that did not exist and no one even blinked an eye at the audacity of the preacher.I say this because even though ur statement is true…what is preached forcibly pointing to Christ is not always true and it makes me cringe. We should be always searching the scripture like Paul states making sure that what someone preaches from the pulpit aligns with what G-d is saying…

  2. G, you’re right…we need to be Bereans all the time, checking and validating what we hear in church against the Scriptures…Boaz was a picture of Christ, our kinsman-redeemer, who married Ruth, took her into his family, and they and their son were in the royal lineage that would eventually give us the Messiah…see the genealogy in Matthew chapter 1. Thanks for posting your thoughts!

  3. There may be a lesson here that, sometimes, we can be in churches where the preacher himself is not well taught or grounded in the Scriptures. When that’s the case, we should immediately leave lest we end up settling for less than the truth and our own walk be compromised. Not every sermon is truth and not every servant is truly a disciple. We must be discerning.

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