Have You Repented Today?

Your biggest problem in life is not your suffering, but your sin.

The Christian life is one long repentance on your way to heaven. Real repentance goes down to the heart. It’s recognizes the depth of sin, the depravity of the heart, the unwillingness to bend to God’s will. Even as Christians.

True repentance confronts your idols. What are you really trusting in? Your earning power? Your youth? Your intellect? A good reputation? Your personality? Your body? Your talents?

Religion is about performance and performance is about changing bad behaviors.

Life in Christ is putting your hope in him. He is the changer of hearts. He is committed to your heart transplant. And the way to an intimate relationship with him is to keep short accounts. Repent often. Repent daily. And your love for God will increase.

Don’t settle for a cosmetic makeover.

4 thoughts on “Have You Repented Today?

  1. convicting as all get out – it’s all of our very worst problem. our study teacher said “read the bible daily” and if you don’t “it’s sin that’s keeping you away from it.”

  2. so true, none of us likes bending God’s way…but that’s because we are shortsighted and forget we’re bound for the new heavens and the new earth where we will delight in an endless display of God…so God’s Word is our primer and prepares us for that future

  3. The secret is that Jesus has already accomplished everything for us and we can REST in that finished work. All our striving is really of the world and the devil — and, in our case, a uniquely American characteristic. We are such pioneers and extroverts by nature, our culture worships accomplishment. We must bring our creative energy before the Lord to channel it the way He chooses, then embrace His grace to walk it out!

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