Where’s Your Focus?

Q: What does the Christian life look like?

A: The Christian life is a race. (See Phillippians 3:12-21) It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Your focus is on the finish line and so you don’t get bogged down with other things. Your whole life is like an arrow flying toward the target, which is Christ. It’s one, single, focused direction. Christ defines your life.

Q: What if I struggle with my past, which keeps me from that pointed direction?

A: Past failures, mistakes, shameful acts, gross sins–all are forgiven in Christ, therefore you faithfully forget. Even if you have been sinned against. Choose to forget. Forget your successes too. You are no longer bound by your past or your present. You are bound to Christ for your future.

Q: What slows me down and keeps me from this?

A: Spiritual coasting–laziness, apathy, indifference, or spiritual ADD–you are distracted by everything, living for your appetites. Both extremes produce a spiritual fatigue and you lose your white-hot intensity.

Q: What awaits me at the finish line?

A: The new heavens and the new earth with Jesus returning to gather you up with his people. It’s a beautiful renewal. You are going to be made whole.

So fix your focus on Jesus because he has fixed his focus on you!

2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Focus?

  1. This is a great reminder and clearly laid out. Also important to note that we cannot achieve any of this in our own strength! It has to be the Holy Spirit within us, but we certainly can cooperate by how we organize our time: making the study of His Word a priority so we can renew our mind, praying so we receive direction, and inviting God into everything so He can direct our steps.

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