Can You Say This?

We can put it this way: the man who has faith is the man who is no longer looking to himself. He has ceased to say, “Ah yes, I have committed terrible sins but I have done this and that…” He stops saying that. If he goes on saying that, he has not got faith…Faith speaks in an entirely different manner and makes a man say, “Yes, I have sinned grievously, I have lived a life of sin…yet I know that I am a child of God because I am not resting on any righteousness of my own, my righteousness is in Jesus Christ, and God has put that to my account.”

– D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

2 thoughts on “Can You Say This?

  1. Yes!!! This is exactly right. It is the devil who wishes to keep us guilt-ridden and neutralized. When we do not live in the freedom that cost Jesus his life and the worst suffering ever endured by a human being, we make a mockery of his sacrifice for us. We are FORGIVEN and CLEANSED!!

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