Idols Can Only Do One Thing – Topple

I heard recently a provocative definition of bitterness.

“The root of bitterness is following an idol and getting upset when it doesn’t deliver.”

I’m guilty.

I’ve been bitterly disappointed in church leaders, bosses at work, a lot of times with my husband, and certainly my children.

It’s so easy to look at others for our needs and then feel shattered when they’re not met.Igor Mitoraj

If we’re logical for even a nano second, we’d have to admit that’s crazy. How can another sinner give us what only God can provide?

How can we expect a sinner to show us unconditional love when that person can only love himself?

Or why do we want to fill the hole in our heart with a person who has more holes than we do?

And yet we continually insist on it.

Just like the Israelites. Time and time again, generation after generation, even after God revealed himself in extraordinary ways like the Red Sea parting or giving them victory over their enemies, they still went back to embrace their idols.

It was an addiction.

No wonder Calvin said that the human heart is an idol factory.

I know mine is.

The only person who didn’t have a lust for idols was Jesus Christ.

He was the only true worshiper of God.

He found his life, and joy, and delight in serving God, his Father.

He knew what was in the heart of man and never expected that we could deliver any form of righteousness. That’s why he came to deliver us from ourselves, so we could love and serve the one true God who deserves our worship.

If you call Christ your Savior, thank him today for being able to say that. He changed your heart. He put his desires into you so you could please God.

He made than possible by taking on everything you were as a sinner and dying on the cross for you.

He also gave you his perfect record of worshiping God so that now when you stumble and fall it isn’t counted against you.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Talk to me.

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