Time to Pray to God About God

The first thing we notice in the Lord’s Prayer is this:

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name.”

He’s our Father, not our own personal possession.

He’s a Father, perfect in all aspects of fatherhood, completely different from all earthly fathers. Discover who he is by reading your bible every day.

We are to hallow his name. What does that mean?

It’s a petition. God himself is our priority. He is not a means to any end. He is the end of all ends.

How often do we pray to God about himself?  Lamb of God

Ouch! I confess it’s rarely, if ever. I’m more eager to unroll my long list of petitions that center on me and my desires.

Hallowed means to make holy, to recognize his holiness, separation, not common.

God is unlike his created beings.

There is an unbridgeable gap between him and me and you.

God wants us to recognize and treat him as uncommon.

He’s not our buddy.

He wants us to think worthy thoughts of him that reflect what he has revealed himself to be. (Have you noticed how often the devil gets you thinking unworthy thoughts of him, especially in the midst of trials?)

God wants you to live in his presence every day.

How do we do that?

By fixing our eyes on the cross. It’s there where we see his infinite hatred of sin and his justice.

Christ was overwhelmed by the wrath of God on the cross. And at the same time the cross proves God’s infinite mercy.

We are debt-free with God on account of Christ. Hallelujah!

Now we are fully accepted in the favor of God. Praise him!

We pray because we have tasted that the Lord is good. Yes!

Talk to me.


17 thoughts on “Time to Pray to God About God

  1. “By fixing our eyes on the cross. It’s there where we see his infinite hatred of sin and his justice”.
    Amen Amen ! And His infinite love for sinners !
    His love is why He fulfilled His justice on the cross before we even knew Him.
    We love Him because He first loved us.
    God bless!

  2. u said G-d is the perfect manifistation or the perfect attribute of a father. Can u plz tell me what they are or what is a father!? All the men I ve ever met have been pure abusers and users!!!

    1. When you read about Jesus in the gospels, you see the Father. They are one and the same, as Jesus himself said. “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father?’ Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?” – John 14: 9. Immerse yourself in the gospels and get to know him!

  3. Maybe i didnt explain myself correctly. Since i have no idea what a human father is or a fathers role for a daughter, what is G-ds fatherly attributes or responsilbility towards me? I understand motherhood – what is fatherhood?

    1. A father protects, loves unconditionally, balances our need for discipline with our need for mercy and forgiveness. These are some attributes of fatherhood., Rachel 🙂

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