How To Have a Silent Conversation

I spend a lot of time counseling people with problems. The nature of what I do requires a fair amount of talking. Giving counsel and encouragement has become a way of life for me over the years.

Every once in a while however, something different happens. Like today.

Polly calls me every month. She is a woman with learning disabilities. She admits to not being able to follow directions or retain information. Consequently she’s unable to hold down a job.

Today was another one of those calls.

She told me she was being evicted and needed another place to live.

She exhausted that theme, and then launched into describing the conflicts she was having with her older sister.

She spoke for twenty minutes.

When she finished, I prayed for her.

“Thank you. You are a delight to talk to,” Polly said and hung up.

I smiled.

I had said nothing to her. All I did was listen.

And then this thought came to me, maybe from the Holy Spirit.

“You showed more grace and love in your listening than anything you could have said.”

It made me think.

Perhaps the Lord would make more of an impact on people through my silence.

Most people don’t want to be fixed.

They want to be loved.

What do you think? Leave me a comment.

8 thoughts on “How To Have a Silent Conversation

  1. Sometimes, I believe, people need to experience the Lord’s love by the support of loving Christians willing to listen to them, instead of preaching or telling them of Jesus’ love for them.

  2. This is very powerfull. How often do we feel we have to say something even if we’re unsure of what to say…a good listener is hard to come by…thank you for sharing this.

  3. Be stil and know that I am God……..why not be still and let someone know they are loved…….. unconditionally………. :>)

  4. I think it’s cool how when I do put listening into practice I seem to get blessed beyond belief. I often find out more about that person than I ever would’ve thought. God blesses both boldness when speaking out in truth and silence when he wants to move mountains through us…without even using our words. Strength in silence maybe? 🙂

    1. Strength in silence, yes. Also grace in silence. Listening is affirming that person’s value. It conveys caring. Then perhaps, if necessary, God will give the opportunity to speak. Thanks for your insightful comments! – rita

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