A Re-Write of Your Story

Are you resting in God’s approval or are you still seeking your own? If you’re still seeking your own, chances are you don’t handle criticism very well. (I don’t either.) In the end, criticism is losing the approval of others. But if you are in Christ you can rest in God’s approval and then you can handle criticism. (I’m improving, sort of.)

The entire story of the Old Testament is a story of broken lives. Adam was the original broken life that resulted in a world enslaved to sin. But when Jesus entered into the human family, he re-wrote the script. He came for a radical rescue, to undo the curse of sin, untwist the distortions, and re-write the whole human story.

Is your name in his script?

3 thoughts on “A Re-Write of Your Story

    1. Rachel, if you are in Christ and you believe in him by faith alone, by grace alone, you are right with God! Your faith in Jesus puts a smile on God’s face.

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